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Policies & Info

FIT4MOM Annapolis Member Information and Policies

Stay Informed - Our main method of communication with you regarding the FIT4MOM program is through our Facebook pages and email. Many email programs have spam filters. You may want to check your system and add FIT4MOM Annapolis to your “acceptable” email list so that our e-mails are not blocked.

Class Cancellations & Inclement Weather - Class cancellations due to weather, illness and unforeseen circumstance will be announced at least 1 hour prior to class start time whenever possible. There may also be occasions when an alternative indoor class location for outdoor classes is selected due to inclement weather. These announcements will be made on our FIT4MOM Annapolis Facebook pages and FIT4MOM Annapolis website. Always call or email Karen at (443) 837-5835 with any questions.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fit4momannapolis/
Website: http://annapolis.fit4mom.com

Resistance Tubing - The anticipated life of the SPRI or SKLZ resistance tube is about 6 months, however most will last much longer. Tubes can crack or tear as a result of excessive temperatures and getting caught in between stroller wheels etc. The life of your resistance tubing varies greatly depending on the care it receives. We recommend that you store your tube inside your home, rather than in your car where temperatures can be extreme. Always check your tubing for nicks or tears. Replace tubing immediately if you notice any defects for your own safety and that of those around you. New tubing may be purchased from your Stroller Strides instructor for $10 each. We also suggest marking your tube with your name in permanent marker.

Stroller Safety Policy – All children must remain buckled in their stroller throughout class for their safety and that of others in the class. Participation in class and all activities therein are voluntary and at your own risk.

Payment - FIT4MOM Annapolis accepts payment by credit and debit cards for all Monthly Membership Plans. Payments will be charged on a recurring monthly schedule. We accept debit and credit cards, cash or check for all class passes. Checks can be made payable to Davis Fitness, LLC. Credit and debit cards accepted include Visa, Discover, and MasterCard. It is the Member's responsibility to keep his/her credit or debit card on file up to date. Any account changes, new expiration dates and changes in address can be updated by signing into you FIT4MOM Annapolis account. These changes can also be given directly to Karen Davis. Payments that are denied for any reason will be subject to additional fees assessed by the processing bank. These fees are out of FIT4MOM Annapolis' control and cannot be refunded.

Credit & Refunds - There are no credits or refunds given. This includes but is not limited to, missed classes due to weather and personal circumstances.

Membership Hold Policy - Unlike most fitness facilities, our Members may place their membership on HOLD for reasons such as medical conditions and maternity leave. 10 days notice is required to place a hold. Qualifying memberships can be placed on hold for no less than 30 days. (Holds are not permitted on prepaid plans. Monthly Membership plans will not be prorated for vacations/holidays.) A maximum of two holds are allowed per calendar year (Jan-Dec). After the hold period has ended, the member’s original membership plan or pass will resume, along with automatic monthly payments when applicable. Please contact Karen with questions or extenuating circumstances. To place your membership please email Karen Davis at karendavis@fit4mom.com to request the hold form. The hold form must be completed in order to begin an account hold. Instructors are unable to accept hold request at class locations.

Membership Cancellation Policy - All class plans automatically renew on a monthly basis unless cancellation is requested. 10 days notice is required to cancel a monthly membership. Members who wish to cancel their monthly membership should email Karen Davis at karendavis@fit4mom.com to request the cancellation form. The cancellation form must be completed at least 10 days prior the cancellation date. Failure to provide a 10 day notice may result in continued membership charges until the following month. Class passes cannot be cancelled or refunded. Instructors are unable to accept cancellation request at class locations.

Pricing/Policy Changes - Pricing and policies are subject to change. Special promotions and coupons cannot be combined.

For all matters pertaining to your membership please contact Karen Davis in person or directly at karendavis@fit4mom.com or (443) 837-5835. We realize you have choices for your fitness needs and FIT4MOM Annapolis appreciates your business! We also understand life can get complicated. Please let Karen know if you have extenuating circumstances that will affect your membership. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact FIT4MOM Annapolis immediately. We strive to bring you the best program possible and we value your feedback!